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Retirement Planning & Income Distribution

You’ve earned your money.
Make sure you keep it.

A successful retirement is a dream shared by every working American. Unfortunately, it remains just a dream for nine out of every 10 who find they do not have enough money to meet their retirement needs. Experts estimate that to be successful in retirement, you will need at least 80 percent of the income you earned in your final working years.

Our office specializes in helping our clients pursue their retirement goals by creating an investment strategy designed to work toward meeting their needs. We can do the same for you, with unbiased advice and access to a comprehensive line of financial products and services.

At Cornerstone Bank, our dedication to your retirement goals has inspired an entire site of free retirement resources. Do you know just how survivable your nest egg really is? Put your current retirement strategy to the test, request a free retirement income analysis, download free resources, and view an enlightening video full of interesting facts about retirement readiness in the U.S. today. We will help you maximize your retirement readiness so you can get the most from your retirement savings.

If you would like further information about retirement planning, or other areas of investing, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. We can help you make sense of the information you’re receiving.